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    Well, well, you're thinking about posing in front of my camera huh? Well, since you are here, let's see if I can get you to stay...

    First things first....My name is Edward Minor, but if I had friends they would call me Eddie. I am 32 and a proud member of the US Coast Guard, so when I'm not fulfilling my duty as a top tier coastie, I'm  busy shooting everything in sight....with my camera that is! I had been freelancing for the better part of 4 years until recently making the decision to focus primarily on portraits as well as bodyscapes.

    I believe that art is everywhere, it just takes a trained eye to capture it....that eye belongs to me! So go ahead and schedule a shoot. We'll share some laughs together, I'll capture said laughter, and then you will pay me. See, it's a partnership. I create most of my art in the Providence/Pawtucket RI area, so if you are in the area and looking to capture a moment or two, click the "contact" link above.  I hope to see ya soon!


Minor Touch


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